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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Artist Spotlight - STEREOCOOL

Stereocool is a pretty awesome twenty-year old producer from Italy. He's heavy into electro and funk and has some sweet-ass remixes too. I've taken the liberty of including his dopest tracks here. You can listen to them while you enjoy the short interview with the rising star. Here's one to start:

Stereocool - Delegate Some Candies by S T E R E O C O O L

Interview with Stereocool

What got you interested in funk/electronic music?

Well, my father's a classical musician, so music has always been around me since i was born.
Anyhow, he never forced me (as it happens in many families) to play or to be involved in music,
so, with the passing of time, i just found my way. I come from the 90's, when the electronic music was on the crest of the wave, thus, you know, one thing leads to another, and now i'm 20.

Doper Than Cereal:
Are you just a Producer or also a DJ?

I'm also a DJ, yes.
I just started playing a super-crappy pianola when i was 12. I just never got tired of playing.
I started producing after discovering how to connect it to the pc, and then i got interested in live sets too and i studied Audio Engineering, in which i got a qualification.

The things that never miss on my sets are Louis La Roche, Dj Las K and the awesome Slynk.

Doper Than Cereal:
Whats the Italian scene like around you?

Well, the italian scene is very diversified. We got the "ultra commercial 'vip'-whatever" vein (for example in Rimini), we got the "imcoolerthanyou-hiphop" wave, the "i flatter myself not to follow the trend-hardelectrodubstep" scene. Anyone is convinced that the own side (or better, himself) is better that anyone's else, and so far i met a very few people that really understand that music is about "feeling" it, and not just "bragging".

My spot has always been limited, in fact i learnt to do things by myself. You know, the Net is a very powerful tool. Fortunately, i have many friends that are always very glad to help.

Doper Than Cereal:
Wow. So who are your greatest musical interests?

Well, i just left Physics to dedicate myself to music full-time, so i'm really "in the mood".
As artists, i'm following my friends Fare Soldi, some super-cool guys like Cantinabend or Kamei,
and the guys of the Champagne Records ("Hi fellas!"), that always do wonderful things.
Oh, and a particular note goes to the Overnoize guys, two old-friends of mine here in Catania.

Doper Than Cereal:
If you could open for any artist who would it be?

I really would like to open the show for La Zebra, or Fare Soldi, or, in the best of the hypothesis, Madeon. It would really be "the big deal", despite i well know that there are not "big deals", just "little deals" that make a big one when put together.

Doper Than Cereal:
Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I would just like to remind the people and the guys making music out there not to forget what "the feeling" is. Even though the techniques are important, so studying the theory is a fundamental step, i just recommend and wish to everyone to be able to find their way in things, not to following any other's steps.

I also just wanted to inform everyone that in early 2012 is going to be out a big release of mine. There are going to be in big names like La Zebra and Fare Soldi (like a dream came true), so i just want you not to lose it! Stay always tuned on my page!

Stereocool - Simple (ft. Ace) [OUT SOON] by S T E R E O C O O L


Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (Stereocool 'To The Death' Re-edit) by S T E R E O C O O L

Junior Jack - My Feeling (StereoCool Summer Remake) by S T E R E O C O O L

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